Horoscope Tracking Experiment :-)

Aries You will do absolutely wonderful in all forms of public life. You are happy and satisfied; the day is full of spectacular achievements. Opportunities from overseas are likely to knock on your door. Determination and hard work help you pull off some big coups. Taurus Taurus Circumstances may prove difficult when it comes to communication, writing, ideas etc. You might have to drop your travel plans due to last minute changes. Those in love will share intimate moments of togetherness. Gemini Gemini Try and practice some form of exercise, yoga or meditation, as it will help you become better focused. Your mind and body need rest as you have been working for a long time now. New opportunities are coming your way. Take care of your health, particularly today. Cancer Cancer Put your emphasis on close and important relationships. You will appear more charming and refined than usual. Keep your desires under control. Try not to disclose your personal secrets to anyone. Today is not a favorable day for sale and purchase. Leo Leo You must keep your mind open to suggestions and new offers of work, which are bound to come your way. If you need advice take help from some elderly person at home. Emotionally you will be feeling much more positive and secure. This is a difficult phase for you, so continue with your positive thinking and be optimistic. Virgo Virgo You will have a great day. It will be the charms of your beloved, which keep your spirits high. Chances are that your colleagues might oppose your ideas and thoughts at your workplace. You are passionate about your targets. This quality is so essential to your character that all else revolves around it. Libra Libra Communication is one area where you can always get backing from friends and co-workers. Historical ideas, articles or books may be of interest to you now. Your career, sense of judgment and problem solving abilities are at the top of the list as the key components to look out for whenever you are stressed. Scorpio Scorpio Keep a check on your temper; you will get the response you want soon enough. Romance and creative pursuits like hobbies are a good way to express excessive energy. You must follow your gut feeling about a work proposal, as you are sure to get ample benefits. Sagittarius Sagittarius Focus your attention on profits in business. You will be discussing expansion plans, but before that, try to resolve disputes, if any, amicably. Romance is possible this evening. A good day to attend to money matters. Capricorn Capricorn Health and work goals take on a greater importance for you at this time and plans for less stress and more relaxation may be in order. A time of good fortune, but be wise in determining how your finances are channeled. Plan your budget and keep a check on your pocket. Aquarius Aquarius Communication with authority figures or older members of your family will get enhanced now. Chances are that you may get a rise in your salary. This could be an action filled day when time seems to slow down as you come face-to-face with your sensitive side. Pisces Pisces The day will be very busy and hectic for you. A business meeting will have favorable results. You will receive good news from overseas. You will be in great demand at a social gathering. Happiness in a family set-up is assured.


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